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Gravestone gives glimpse of war against Rome

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Just over the North Devon border in Somerset, on a windswept segment of Winsford Hill, sits a strange stone which is around 1500 years old.

Measuring a little more than a metre in height, leaning at a slight angle and badly weather-beaten - despite sitting in its own shelter which has been likened to a bus stop by locals - the Caratacus Stone offers a tantalising glimpse into the history of this part of the world during Roman times.

It is named after the inscription 'CARAACI NEPUS' which runs down the side of the stone, and translates as 'kinsman of Caratacus'.

Full article at the Devon Live: Link

The Caratacus Stone: Wikipedia

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It's ironic. The monument memorialises a person who wants to proclaim his relationship with someone who opposed Roman domination of the area yet Latin, the language of the oppressor, is used to do it. 

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