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Great Old Man

Korea Feminist angered at Nurse Musicvideo

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Great Old Man


This Korean idol's attire was controversial among Korea and Korean politician ordered to censor this music video.

the reason why Korean radical feminist anger was Korean's idol's nurse attire is too short.

Soon entertainment of this video apologized, and deleted uploaded music video.

Hey, Is this acceptable in your country?

Recently I think that Korea is not democracy country.

Censorship everywhere, Communists everywhere.

Soon, Korea will be conquered by China CCP. already Politics regulates normal citizens' life and culture. Korea ban and do censorship on this idol star. Crazy Feminist acted against on idol's nurse attire in music video. Why government regulates musician's outfit in music video?


IN KOREA, IF YOU READ  adult version of japan manga in Korea, you can be arrested and sentenced 1 year jail.

Korea birth rate is the lowest among the globe. (0.69)

This country do not put any importance on democracy and freedom.

Social system is really similar to CCP, DPRK.

Even Internet censorship is also existing. 

Maybe your friend Mr. Daenoin could be persecuted by CCP followers in Korea.


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Jon the frog

We have a lot of political correctness witch hunt here in Canada. Enough that more and more, it challenge the freedom of speech.

The biggest broadcast corporation is funded (and more or less controlled) by the government. Private broadcast channel are also controlled by the Board of Broadcast Governors (BBG) who is responsible for regulating CBC/Radio-Canada and private broadcasters on content.

For me, it look that freedom is just inversely proportional to the population in ''democratic'' country and we see a great push on homogenization and life style control of the population.

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From that picture I can't see anything that would be unacceptable in my country.

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