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Generational UL's

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25 minutes ago, Desertrat56 said:

It actually did happen,I think in the early 70's,  then was made in to a movie.

Thank you, I wasn't sure.

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Spooky Shiba

My family just told me more superstitions than they told me about ULs LOL

When I was younger, Bloody Mary was a popular game. I do remember my sister telling me once that when she was younger she would ice skate on a nearby pond/lake with other kids. There was a story where a girl around her age fell through the ice in the same lake, but no one would find her body until some time later. The only reason they found her was because one of the rescue people looked down and saw the missing girl's terrified face frozen in the ice. 

The story she told me spooked me so much I stayed away from ice for a while :D

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