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Virgin Mary chalk drawing reappears 13 yrs on

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Golden Duck
On 10/17/2020 at 6:46 PM, eight bits said:

What has Psyche to do with the topic of this thread? A chalk drawing of a popular subject was found just where somebody else had drawn the same subject in chalk 13 years before.

Psyche didn't do it. He has an alibi. Somebody else drew the thing. Big whoop.


But, if it was on a ceiling everyone would lose their minds.

On the surface, that's biased.

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Nuclear Wessel
On 10/21/2020 at 2:59 AM, Mr Walker said:

It started once people realised the y couldnt win an   argument against  my facts and knowledge.  




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Mr Walker
18 hours ago, Nuclear Wessel said:





For the first year or so,  when i came to UM, people tried to debate me on my facts and logic 

Only when this failed did the y resort to personal attacks on my intelligence, neediness, character flaws etc 

You are doing much the same here.ie   laughing rather than rebutting .

Almost every complaint about me  "hijacking a thread " occurs after such personal attacks and comments, and when i then respond to them.

posters complain when i reference myself but are happy to reference me personally  rather than my posts.  

Basically my experiences in life are so different to many that they find them unbelievable. Many thngs i see as common knowledge are unknown to people, not just posters here but quite educated people in my real world  (eg i was talking to 3 parents the other night, one of whom was teacher The y didn't believe me when i said corporal punishment was still legal in Australia and, in some states, in private schools.

The y were under a common  but incorrect  belief that Australian parents could not hit a child with a hand or an object.

   it took me only seconds of google to show them the facts .


 Corporal punishment by a parent or carer is lawful and is not considered child abuse provided that it is “reasonable”.

New South Wales is the only state in Australia that has stipulated what is deemed “unreasonable” corporal punishment. The Crimes Amendment (Child Protection-Physical Mistreatment) Act 2001 (NSW) states that force applied to any part of the head or neck of a child or to any other part of the body that results in bruising, marking or other injury lasting longer than a “short period” is unreasonable.

https://aifs.gov.au/cfca/publications/corporal-punishment-key-issues#:~:text=In Australia%2C the degree of,that it is “reasonable”.


There are a  lot of people like that, especially in this age of fake news and  social media .These 3 parents all in their 30s and with 8 kids between them all believed it was illegal to physically correct or discipline a child in Australia   The y were so sure of it that the y had never bothered checking the facts  because its what all their peer group believed 

The y have beliefs which they believe are true and which they live by, but which,in fact, are false 

Also many of my values and moralities  (eg human duty and responsibility to self,  others, and environment ) are unacceptable to people who want just to live a hedonistic life, without too much thought, effort, or self discipline  

Edited by Mr Walker

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