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Black bears slaughtered with arrows


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I've been on deer culls in urban areas. At night. All animals culled (except for the sick ones, and there were many)were delivered to the food bank all quartered up. Everyone works as a team, from the spotters,archers, draggers, butchers, police, and game wardens to make it go as efficiently as possible. The arrows we use have long blades to maximize impact, without pass throughs that could hit private property. The hunters make absolutely sure that the shot will be instantly lethal so they only run a short distance, or drop in their tracks. The bows we use are 350-425 feet per second. This equates to about 120 ft pounds at the tip of the arrow. The compound, and recurve crossbows are fitted with night vision scope or laser spot. 60 to 70 deer is a normal night. Most of the deer taken are in the parks, and the green belts where they are so numerous, public safety has been compromised. It's hot, sweaty hard work with no reward other than knowing you helped prevent a huge disease die off. If we saw someone having fun culling deer, he would be removed from the team instantly. It's a grim, but necessary public project that happens pretty well everywhere. It's just done quietly, with no fanfare.

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4 hours ago, Nosy.Matters said:

Seems like a pen knife to take down a bull or buffalo, large calibere rifle only would probably be quicker.


No firearms allowed in urban areas. People would freak. Not to mention how bloody dangerous it would be. If you saw the broadheads I use for culls... more of a flying switch blade traveling at 350 fps with an impact of 130 ft lbs at the razor sharp tip. There are three 3"  razor blades just back of the tip. Nothing gets back up after being hit. If I used a standard broadhead, I would blow right through a buffalo quite easily. Smaller bows than mine have taken down elephants quickly, and humanely.

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