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Manwon Lender

Lemont Illinois, is it really Haunted and Why

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Manwon Lender

There is a theory that is circulating that Limestone may precipitate Hauntings. Currently in Lemont Illinois many beleive this to be true, due to the number of different Hauntings that occur there. Many years ago, it was discovered that Lemont Illinois sits upon a very large deposit of Limestone and Dolomite. So my question for those who beleive in the Supernatural and Ghosts have you ever heard of this theory and if so do you beleive it to be possible?

If so could you explain why Dolomite Limestone would cause this to occur?

Thanks for your reply in advance 




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Rather than "really haunted" various electrical and magnetic quailities of the stratum or whatever the earths crust is called can help play tricks on the brain and cause some people to sense or even see things not really there.

My wife has written papers on the effects of EMFs

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