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covid cases rising

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5 hours ago, smanthaonvaca said:

They are literally killing people at hospitals. If you feel bad, dont go. Do everything you can to use home remedies. I was fine and then one day recently a health care worker i knew gave me a sandwich at their house. They are negative for covid. I immediately felt sick and the next day I went to the hospital. They gave me an IV and it made me worse.

Next time they forced me to take 600 aceteminophen and 600 advil twice without food. The second time I had to beg to have a little package of cracker with it. I stopped being able to walk and havent been able to shower myself or barely eat anything for about a week. I cant drive or go to work. My ears have been consistently popping throughout the day (although this started about two months ago) but the popping has turned in to something more like seizures. I have been seeing specialists but they are telling me nothing is wrong.

I cant sleep, they have me on tons of pain medication and the first dosage they prescribed me I took half of it and it nearly killed me. The right side of my neck is inflamed and i cant move my neck at all and I keep tasting blood. I have peed myself twice and they dont give a ****. They made me takes tons of expensive tests and told me they were all negative. I dont even think they ran the right tests. They keep asking me if I have symptoms of covid and now they have been changing the questions they ask me. They ask me if my back hurts and such when they do covid screening.

I know that I am not going to live, I cant leave the bed and I am becoming pretty stupid. I havent been able to go on my tablet or leave the house by myself. I am in excruciating pain. They took away my car and I was about to move in to a new apartment but i guess that wont happen now. If there is anything I can recommend, be very cautious of people and dont seek treatment at a hospital.

It sounds like you have a really bad infection or liver damage or both.  I hope you find a doctor that can help you, it sounds like it is too serious for over the counter medicines or homeopathic medicines unless you have a skilled practitioner helping you.

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On 1/8/2021 at 8:10 PM, Eldorado said:

In the UK... 'Manhunt for fraudster who gave elderly woman fake Covid jab and charged her £160'



David Chambers, 33, of Surbiton, South West London, has been charged with two counts of fraud by false representation, one count of common assault, and two breaches of COVID regulations.  He is alleged to have given the fake vaccine to the woman at her home.

Chambers has been remanded in custody and will appear at Kingston Crown Court on 12 February.


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Solipsi Rai

I got tested for COVID due to recent cold/flu symptoms and I will receive my results soon, wish me luck. CA had a huge spike in cases, primarily in areas surrounding Los Angeles and connected to Arizona. It's getting bad for the UK and nearby Ireland, but the world watches Brazil and South Africa where new mutated variants appeared. 

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