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Were modern human and Neanderthals at war ?


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Considering the huge amount of time where the two species have co-existed and that a lot of humans carry Neanderthal DNA I find the wording of the article rather dramatic.



a final offensive by modern Homo sapiens, starting 125,000 years ago, eliminated them

I mean that's like some future person summing up our history like this:
"After the death of Christ there was a period of general unrest, which eventually subsided by the year 1 million AD"

There was likely both war and co-existence and intermingling, because nothing is absolute.

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I thought the two species became the Eloi and the Morlocks?

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Population density and  available resources might  be a factor.  There were not that many people around of either type in the landscape.  Meetings and interactions might have been very rare except during harshest climate pressure on migrating herds.

Just as likely as being great warriors, humans also seem to be great disease carriers.  Maybe people we met were decimated by something equivalent to smallpox  in later interactions.

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They were interbreeding and competing at the same time...

Also, if interbreeding was possible with fertile offsprings, it's hard to call them two differents species. In the end speciation was neverentirely done. The fittest survived with a DNA share of both.

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Not hard to believe. Some even seem to have issues with skin colour. Another species .... well.... ..

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