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How the Nipah virus jumps from bats to humans

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The deadly Nipah virus kills nearly 75 per cent of the people it infects, but the circumstances under which the bat species, known as the Indian flying fox, transmits the virus to humans has remained a mystery.

Now, a six-year, multidisciplinary study has revealed how the Nipah virus, which claimed the lives of 17 people in Kerala in 2018, spreads among fruit bats -- findings which can help predict when the pathogen may spillover to humans.

According to the research, published recently in the journal PNAS, the Nipah virus (NiV) could circulate among fruit bats, not just in places that have seen human outbreaks, but in any region where they exist.

Full report at India TV: Link

"Nipah virus dynamics in bats and implications for spillover to humans"

Research at PNAS: Link

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