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NDE: A skeptic neurosurgeon experienced this!

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1 hour ago, psyche101 said:

Most dogs I encounter are better than most people I encounter. 


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On 11/10/2020 at 12:27 AM, sees said:
This is a good example to bring up when encountering anyone sceptical of NDE's!

I was just listening to The Unexplained by Howard Hughes (a regular Sunday evening broadcast on Talk Radio at 10 p.m in UK) when I heard about a fascinating case of NDE because it not only involved a skeptic but a neurosurgeon who dismissed such experiences as fantasies.

Then HE himself had an NDE (during a coma brought on by having meningitis).    Read about his experience here.


Who is sceptical of nde's? It's only the very unlikely believer explanation for them that's iffy.

This is old nonsense by now anyway. Not only do his claims not align with one of the doctors who was treating him (in other words he made stuff up). For instance his condition itself didn't result in coma. He was sedated before being put in a chemically induced coma for his own safety (which was then sustained via anaesthetics). But he doesn't even seem to understand the science involved, at least, not according to real neuroscientists.

Gotta wonder why doctors are so often given to woo. Really..flittering about on psychedelic butterflies, angelic beings? Yep, a traumatised brain couldn't have anything to do with that. Have to go straight to the fount of all things science with that one (Oprah).  :rolleyes: 

This is very unconvincing.



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