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Skull of human ancestor found in South Africa

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Fascinating find.

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Manwon Lender
18 hours ago, UM-Bot said:

Dating back 2 million years, the skull belonged to an early human cousin called Paranthropus robustus.




Paranthropus robustus was not a direct human ansestor, while they had similar traits they were a from the beginning a off shot of the human tree. There are many theories that could have hastened their textinction, one of the theories that have been proposed was that Homo Erectus may have caused their extinction do the fact they existed during the same time frame, in the areas and competed for the same resources. This was proposed by Dr. Lewis Leaky who found over lapping remains of both species in the same lava flows. While Homo Erectus made Copping tools used for weapons Paranthropus Robustus was more primitively and tool use by them is not an excepted concept.

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Cheeky monkey

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