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Manwon Lender

Transgender WWII Vet fighting Discrimination

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Manwon Lender

This is a very sad situation that a veteran or anyone has to fight in our country  for the right to identify themselves concerning the gender they choose to live as! This is a travesty and it is propagated by Religious Conservatives who think they have the right to force other Americans to live by their out dated standards, to me this outrageous!! While there is no law that states there must be a separation between Church and state, there is a clause ( The Establishment Clause ) that establishes that both Federal and State Governments must remain neutral between religious and non-religious institutions that provide education or other social services and it's part of the 1st Ammendment to the Constitution.

Do to so many cases being brought before the Supreme Court because of government infringement of institutional and individual Right that are part of the First Ammendment to the Consitution, the Supreme Court reviewed previous Establishment Clause cases and developed a test based upon them, this test is know as The Lemon Test. Based upon the Lemon Test, the Supreme Court Developed 3 rules as part of the updated Establishment Clause, rule 2 applies to State and Federal Governments which must apply the following quote ( There principle or primary effect must be one that neither advances nor inhibits Religous Practices ) Its very obvious that this is subverted by both the State and the Federal Government, and by doing so it allow for religious beliefs to be forced upon our Nations citizenship which is a violation of the First Ammendment of the Constitution.

Hopeful this will change in the future, because no citizen of the United States should have to fight for their right if individuality because of any out dated and prejudiced religous beliefs.

See link below for an interview with the Veteran mentioned above


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