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Shadow figure demon ?


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1 hour ago, XenoFish said:

And by all accounts I should be a believer in the paranormal and a whole lot of spooky mystical magical stuff. I guess I was more dedicated in questioning my experiences that others.

Yeah I did as well, for a long time. For me, the thing about it was I really didn't know where to begin. I either saw and heard what I did, or I didn't. That's usually what it kept coming down to every time I thought about it. The only entertaining part of that was considering what the hell it was all about? Who/what was the cause?

 I think in just one way that's how our stories are so different. I didn't even see it coming, while you were summoning and seeking it.  I cant help but to think we are missing something with your story. I have to imagine most people who have had experiences like yours are lifers. Though I do admit, I may have missed something.

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23 minutes ago, preacherman76 said:

I cant help but to think we are missing something with your story.

There will always be omissions. 

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  • 3 months later...

I had a demon in apartment once, you need to bless your home, I make crosses in my home olive oil and pray the blood of Jesus over home. make sure you don't have items you have bought that could carry bad spirit, if you do get rid of it, idols anything think could not be good for your home, god bless and pray always.

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  • 4 months later...

I watch "The Dead Files" on t.v. :huh:

If things start to happen that become dangerous well suggest you seek help and not do it on your own.

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