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The oddness of locality

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On 12/9/2020 at 6:43 AM, XenoFish said:


Okay, I can speak from experience since I've practiced meditation for like 2 years now, classical eastern.

The dreary sleepy state is a relaxation state that occurs from Pratyahara where you are free to think whatever you are thinking about until the thought clears and one is left in a state of relaxation.  The idea is to find the attention to one thing only.  This is extremely difficult.  To keep one's attention on only a single thing without any interfering thought.  This causes extreme concentration, and consequently extend wakefulness.  The primary brain wave active in the meditating Buddhist monk is alpha, not theta like one might suspect.

After meditating a person is supposed to feel more awake, not more well rested.  It's something that's not well understood.  Meditation isn't taking a nap.  Even in the western connotation of the word it is the act of mulling something over. To do this one must be awake and watchful of what one is mulling over, not half asleep and dreary.  What makes meditation physically relaxing is the mastery of the Asana, the posture.  Mentally it is anything but relaxing, even though it can be if one is practicing pratyahara.

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