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Manwon Lender

Trump attempt drum out GOP election officials

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Manwon Lender


Trump’s drive to discredit the results of an election he lost has put him at odds with the Republican elected officials and administrators who oversaw the vote in key states — and called it what it was: a free and fair election.

No GOP official has caught more flak than Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a fairly conventional Republican who won the job as Georgia’s top election official two years ago running as a rock-ribbed, anti-voter fraud conservative — with Trump’s endorsement.

Now, after refusing strident calls from Trump and allies not to certify results that show President-elect Joe Biden carried Georgiahe’s facing down a potential primary challenge in 2022 and his family is dealing with death threats.



Well it will not be much longer, when our corrupt thug of President will be History. There is bright side to all of this, as we speak Trumps Presidential history is being written by Acedemics who Trump has no control over. This will be his worst nightmare, and hopefully will help this from ever occurring again in America!!

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