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Elephant calf rescued from well in India

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"A female elephant calf was rescued in Tamil Nadu by Fire department officials. The calf fell down an open well in Dharmapuri’s Panchapalli Village on November 19.

"The calf was safely rescued after a 16-hour long rescue operation. A team of veterinary doctors and activists were also present.

"The 100-feet-deep well belongs to a farmer named Venkatachalam. After hearing the calf's trumpet, Venkatachalam began to look for it.

"He immediately called the officials when he saw the calf inside the well."

From the Hindustan Times at YouTube: 90secs video


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The Wistman

Magnificent work by the local inhabitants and rescue workers.  :tsu:

Here's another wonderful example of a baby elephant being rescued from a deep ditch by the locals, and the thankful reaction of the herd of elephants after the rescue.  So uplifting to see humans acting from their hearts and with a true sense of altruism.


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