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The mystery of the L’Oiseau Blanc

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While many people know the story of Charles Lindbergh and his record-breaking New York to Paris flight aboard the Spirit of St. Louis, the story of the L’Oiseau Blanc and its French war hero pilots has been relegated to the history books.

To set the scene leading up to that fateful day in 1927, when pilots Charles Nungesser and François Coli vanished without a trace, you have to understand that it was all about flying across the Atlantic and claiming the Orteig Prize.

Following the First World War, aviation was still very much in its infancy, with pilots and planemakers all looking to push the envelope to the next level.

In 1919 French-American hotel owner Raymond Orteig offered $25,000 to the first aviators who would make a nonstop flight between New York and Paris.

Full story at Simple Flying dot com: Link

L’Oiseau Blanc: Wikipedia

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