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Tom Mabe (comedian) Telemarketer prank


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7 hours ago, South Alabam said:


Hey that guy stole my line, that really sucks, but it is so funny how those telemarketers squirm. I think you know I have a dry sense of humor, and at times I use to get really tired of those people bothering me and my wife during dinner. So one night I had enough, I had bad day at work and then the phone ranging. before the guy could even finish what he was saying I stopped him. At that point I asked to identify himself, and like in the video I basically told look him we have your location and your phone has been traced. I then told him that he had call a restricted, Government facility and that like above he needed to give me all of his personal information and I warned him it was a violation of federal law to disclose the phone number he had called me with. Well his voice because very coked up and he tried to tell me he would get his supervisor, because that's kind of what they are trained to do if they get into a situation they cant handle.

Then I told not to tell anyone what was going on because again that would be a Violation of Federal Law. I then told him that he must give me his full name and that we would notify his supervisor when we arrived to take him to a debriefing. Well at this point his voice was cracking, he was so choked up I bet he may have wet himself. But, the fool did give me his full name, and told me he would not discuss our conversation with anyone, then he told me that all calls were being recorded. So I told him that he has better erase the conversation between us before I arrived, and that I would check to make sure the call was erased. Last I told him we were 20 minutes from his location and that I would see him very soon, then I hung up.

I dont know what happened, I dont know if he erased the call, but I suspect he quit that job because by the end of that day, because his voice was very shaky. When I hung up i could not stop laughing, and my poor was rolling on the floor. Needless to say, when I had time from that point forward I did the same thing to any of those jerks that bother me. Sometime they would hang up immediately other times they would not follow instructions and they would put a supervisor on and I would play that guy. But the best part is that those companies never call my number again in fact the number of those calls decreased a great deal, I dont know if I was pulled off some automatic dialing system that also effected other telemarketers, but I certainly got the last laugh. Now you have seen most likely seen my sense of humor here in posts, well multiply that by 100 and that's I how I reacted when they bother Me!!!!!:P

Take care and thanks for this thread it certainly brought back some very funny moments in my life!!!!:tsu:

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