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Vegans more likely to suffer broken bones

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People who don’t eat meat are more at risk of breaking bones, especially their hips, according to the largest study yet of this risk. The effect may stem from a lack of calcium and protein in their diet, as well as the fact that they tend to be thinner and so have less flesh to cushion a fall.

Several previous studies have shown that vegetarians have weaker bones than meat eaters, but it was unclear if this had any meaningful effect on their risk of fractures.

The new research took advantage of a long-running study called EPIC-Oxford, originally set up to look at whether diet influences the risk of cancer by following the health of about 65,000 people in the UK from 1993 onwards. The study recorded people’s typical diet and tracked their health through hospital records.

Full article at the New Scientist: Link

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Nahhhh. I have studied nutrition a bit for a while now, and I don't really trust New Scientist as a source. There are some sites I just dont go to for news. One of the ways we were taught in my research and sbss type classes (sbss is a system that sociologists use for composing and calculating statistics to apply them to research hypothesis. I very much miss doing this. Those were great courses) to tell pseudoscience from real science was to first begin with clickbait oriented titles and taglines and read the full study. Is it simple and easy to read, or is it an actual document or journal that shows how the study reveals in a number of pages that will shy away most people? Is it boring or written to captivate and convince? Who wrote it? What is their background? Consider the source.

Also speaking from experience, I used to be vegan, and am now vegetarian and rarely pescatarian (white meat is ok, although pescatarian means seafood only). A lot of people do not know how to replace meat, and either get sick or give up. You have to do LOTS of research, and do it RIGHT. You can't just cut it out of your diet. Refer to the nutrients first and how often you need them, and then buy foods that have the right amount for your intake. These people were probably those people that just went for it and didnt know what nutrients their diet was missing. Probably a combination of a lack of magnesium and calcium, I would not suggest that it is just a lack of a single nutrient. It could also be a lack of exercise. I exercise often, and carry a 20 lb bag every day. Its honestly incredibly easy once you get the hang of it. The most annoying part is honestly dealing with people who dont understand that your body is not their body.

Its strange to me that some people just have so much hate in their bones because someone else won't eat meat. They get all offended and bent out of shape, as if your diet affects them. The meat snowflakes... I love being able to eat at a dinner table with people who dont care. My family eats meat around me all the time. Yet my sibling goes WILD because she gets extremely offended that I wont eat meat. She has to go moan and complain to people about it, as if it somehow dyed her hair color, stole her car, and made her pet go missing. Who cares? I have met vegan advocates who shove their idealogies down your throat, but I have also dealt with meat advocates who are just as obnoxious on their side of the spectrum. I'll always listen to someones viewpoint and share mine as well, but I dont really care what anyone has to say past that because i'm eating whatever I want to eat. I will take one or two spoons of every dish at the buffet or reunion just so I can taste test everything. Nobody is stopping me.... Maybe except for covid... When there arent really buffets... which I just now noticed.

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