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After meditating upon the phenomenon for many years I've concluded that it is a force of psychological creation that causes a particular thing to manifest itself from intense training beforehand, particularly of language.  Whilst I'm busy thumbing this out I'm directing this psi force at my mobile screen and then "speaking" the writing out.  I know what I'm doing yet I'm creating this force that causes a resultant typing of a sort.  I believe the same thing occurs with speaking.  It literally feels like a force creation where the result is speech.  The same thing can be said for intention that results in some thing across time.  The Tibetan monks, or monks of sort, have honed their bodies to utilise the same sort of force.  How powerful this force is depends upon the person, obviously, some people will never type faster than 40wpm (I've broken 200).  So there you have it.  In my youthful years I set upon a mission to find psi, thus psiseeker, psi has been found!  I honestly feel.

How some of you might say I'm wishy washy language this and that but I counter with this force having have to be part and parcel of electron flow.  How it manifests itself across time is in direct accordance with a oneness that has about it conscious "knowledge" of what one is doing.  It reminds me of this job that involves separating newly hatched chickens from female and male.  It's impossible to do without some sort of training where eventually one picks up some sort of knack of knowing that's similar to what I mean by this psi Energy.  Moreover, whilst across time it might be shown that nothing magical is occurring for the brief spurts of when there is not enough time to show anything this force manifests itself fully in conscious light.  I would harken a guess that this is the same thing that monks utilise to slow their metabolism or increase their body temperatures.  Some sort of knack is learned and they simply are able to then do it with conscious knowledge using force creation with valence volition at the outside of intention.

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