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Still Waters

Frozen methane bubbles on lake Baikal - video

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Still Waters

A tranquil video of white and silver bubbles of methane caught in newly-formed ice was filmed at Maloye More, a strait that separates the lake’s largest island of Olkhon from the western shore of Lake Baikal.

‘Ice covering the shallow straits and bays begins to form by the end of November, while the rest of Baikal freezes by the middle of January.

'This kind of ice, the purest, can only be seen in some areas of the lake in November and December’, said Stanislav Tolstev, 46, photographer and tour guide from Irkutsk. 

Methane bubbles freeze in layers one over the other, and the floors of them can grow 1.5 metres (5ft) deep. 


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