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UFO over Russia in official newspaper 2020

russian pavel

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First observation of an anomalous celestial object on the pages of a respectable official regional Russian newspaper. I published the UFO sighting in June 2020. Russian text at the link. I give an English translation. Below is a reproduction of the issue of our Far Eastern newspaper.  In this newspaper publication, I summarize the UFO sightings in the Russian Far East 1988-2020. This is unknown in the West.


Heavenly anomalies over Amursk reappeared


At one time in the "Pacific Ocean Star" was published my material on the unidentified atmospheric phenomena that from time to time occur in the sky over the Amursk. A giant atmospheric explosion occurred over the then Central Control Commission in August 1988 and reached Komsomolsk-on-Amur.
Anomalous holes - cloudhole - appeared in clouds and clouds exactly above the suburban hills in 1993 and 2014. We also observed maneuvers of luminous objects, popularly referred to as UFOs, over Amursk in September 2005, in August 2011 and 2012 - mostly paired flights of two objects.
But after 2014, anomalous objects over Amursk were not observed at all, they seemed to disappear somewhere.
And on the afternoon of May 23 this year, I went to the Amursk embankment to see the progress of its reconstruction. Going down to the pier of the former landing stage, I began to take panoramic pictures of the Amur - from the boat station to the city beach.
And suddenly, in the camera, I saw that in the clouds that had risen to half the sky, exactly above the island of Krokhalev, the same cloudhole appeared that had visited us in 1993 and 2014. But then no one photographed her, and now I succeeded completely by accident!
In the picture, you can see that the cloud hole exactly followed the contours of the island, hanging over it, and then moved to the left with the clouds. This is explained by the same as in the previous cases of holes above the hills.
After warm spring days, as usual, a cold snap set in, and the crystals of the upper layers sank to the lower ones and melted in the dense lower layer a hole corresponding to the relief under the clouds, that is, the island. In 2014, over the hills of the Oktyabrsky District, I saw three holes in the clouds, clearing the sky over the Amursk with such turbulent cloud galaxies.
But these are understandable phenomena. But on May 25, something completely incomprehensible happened over Amursk. In the late evening, almost dark, I was visiting the house along the freight road on the street. The world, popularly called "vacuum cleaner". The window of the long house overlooked the ruins of a former pulp mill. Clouds also covered half of the sky.
Accidentally looking out the window, I noticed that at an altitude of 200-300 meters above the ruins, from the building of the former factory administration (now there is a shopping and fitness center) to the left towards the CHPP a bright huge orange star with long rays flies. It flew under the clouds, not above them, that is, it was not an airplane! The object flew into the smoke of the CHP and disappeared without a trace, not appearing either on the back of the smoke or in the clouds.
The owner of this apartment told me that a week earlier, he had seen a motionless, hemispherical object the size of the moon near above the local garages. He also showed me another huge star above the ruins of the Central Control Commission, but it turned out to be Venus.
So what did I see on May 25, 2020? Are the mysterious objects maneuvering over Amursk back? Maybe Khabarovsk scientists will give me an answer to this question? ..
P. Popelsky.

ТОЗ 3 июня 2020 мое аномалия 4.jpeg

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