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The most famous ghost photographs ever taken

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Ghosts, the paranormal and the supernatural have always been debated. Do they exist?

Many people have reported sightings before, but without any real proof, they're usually disregarded as merely stories. Being able to take photos of spirits obviously helps the cause, but are all of them real or have some been doctored?

Here is a round-up of the most famous "ghost" photos of all-time. Some have been faked no doubt, but they look so good on first inspection they could definitely convert some non-believers.


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I go out to forums everyday on the internet and with the prevalence of cameras everywhere I just about daily see one that really impresses me. These come from regular people that will never make the 'most famous ghost photographs' list and may never be seen by more than the handful of people that happened to click on their thread. And nothing more will come of it. Some of the best of these include ghosts of deceased family members who are clearly recognizable to those that knew them. 

My point is I don't get endlessly bogged down on a famous case but look to the full picture of what is going on. Any one photo can be debated into infinity.

I am sure fakes and natural phenomena explain some but the chances that all of them are fake or natural phenomena has essentially reached nil in my opinion. I believe beyond reasonable doubt in the seemingly unlikely phenomena of ghost photography.

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I don't know how anyone can deny the existence of ghosts after seeing those photographs.

As pg1 said..... When they are recognizable and dead, it takes it to another level of proof.


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