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Stone fossil plane from Russia and myelophone

russian pavel

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News from my Russia *snip*. I took this photo at an exhibition of gems from the Urals. The central exhibit is a stone fossil plane. This is a very rare druze of three crystals that have grown together in the form of a fuselage, wings and a tail. I filmed this artifact. 

The second Russian geological find is below. This crystal - myelophone - was found in the twenty-first century by a young schoolgirl from Moscow, Alisa Selezneva. Her father is a famous Moscow biologist, Professor Seleznev. He is the director of a private zoological park. Father and daughter flew to Yakutia on a Pegasus private jet (Embraer Lineage 1000E Private Jet), where they found this crystal on the Akhtaranda River.  In the 1960s, Soviet scientists found the dodecahedron mineral akhtarandite on the Akhtaranda River. Alisa Selezneva's grandfather, the legendary captain Buran Seleznev, was also there. In Siberia, there are legends about two captains - Kim and Buran. Buran is a Siberian blizzard. The crystal has a myelophone at the break with a strange radiation. Alice in her school essay described it on the Internet: the myelophone affects the subconscious. The myelophon may have a telepathic effect. 

Mielofon and the Seleznev family are now known in the Baltic States, Ukraine and Belarus, Central Asia and the Caucasus, Poland, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Hungary, Mongolia. I thank the readers of these countries and Russia for their understanding and sense of humor.



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