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Scientists investigate the “Obesity Paradox”

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Results of standard laboratory tests performed on adult outpatients to provide an overall picture of their health are fairly consistent between those with obesity and their leaner counterparts, investigators report.

The finding negates one rationale behind what’s called the “obesity paradox,” which is that people with obesity are known to be at increased risk for a host of health problems like diabetes and hypertension, but tend to do better with these conditions than their leaner peers, including when they get admitted to critical care for reasons like heart attack or stroke.

Full article at SciTech Daily: Link

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ouija ouija

I found this to be an interesting article but also somewhat confusing! I agree with one of the comments at the end of the article: the authors of the article have used too narrow a range of statistics to form a realistic picture. Also, they have focussed on symptoms, rather than the original cause of problems.

Although generalisations can be made, of course, an individual's health is a unique thing. The same symptoms in several people can have very different causes.

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