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Still Waters

Baby girl born from record 28-year-old embryo

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Still Waters

A baby born in Tennessee can lay claim to being the oldest baby ever born, in that she is believed to be the longest-frozen embryo ever successfully delivered in a live birth.

Molly Everette Gibson was born just a week ago on October 26, but her birthday was an event literally decades in the making. She was born from an embryo frozen in October 1992 – a mind-boggling 28 years ago.

And effectively a lifetime ago, too. Molly's mother, Tina, is now 29, and was herself only born about 18 months earlier than when Molly was frozen in her embryonic form.

In a manner of speaking, they've both been on this planet for about the same amount of time, even though they're a generation apart.



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It would be interesting if they started counting the baby's age from 28 and her adult age would be at 46 years old.

You're 46 and you still live with your mom? damn

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Cool story.  Literally cool, like frozen. 

So there is a Christian group that will freeze your embryo so that you don't kill the future human by not giving birth?  Interesting.  

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