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Still Waters

Rare nine-legged octopus caught off Japan

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Still Waters

A rare nine-legged octopus has been discovered off the coast of Japan.

The unusual creature was caught in Shizugawa Bay in the town of Minamisanriku, Miyagi Prefecture, on 13 November.

The fisherman who caught it only noticed the bonus leg as he was boiling it, and subsequently contacted the Minamisanriku Nature Center (MNC).

Takuzo Abe, a researcher at the MNC, said that octopuses have the ability to regenerate limbs that are severed, and it is possible this ninth leg was added when healing a wound to the leg it has grown out of.

The octopus has now been preserved in alcohol and put on display at the MNC.


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Now that's one randy handy octopus... 


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