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How the Moon might have formed

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Researchers ran simulations to track material from the early Earth and Theia for four days after their collision, then ran other simulations after spinning Theia like a ball.

The simulated collision with the early Earth produced different results, depending upon the size and direction of Theia’s initial spin. At one extreme the collision merged the two objects together, while at the other there was a grazing hit-and-run impact.

Importantly, the simulation where no spin was added to Theia produced a self-gravitating clump of material with a mass of about 80 per cent of the Moon, while another Moon-like object was created when a small amount of spin was added.

Full monty at E&T: Link

'The effect of pre-impact spin on the Moon-forming collision': Oxford Academic

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If these people had any sense of humour they'd have named it nibiru not thia!

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