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Still Waters

Botswana to send 'refugee' elephants home

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Still Waters

The plight of the African elephant is well known, declining from around 12 million animals to 400,000 in just a century. Yet, in a handful of countries the opposite problem, overpopulation, made worse by drought and a lack of tourist money, is pushing governments to relocate their tusked giants.

Botswana, a relative safe haven with the largest elephant population in Africa, says it will encourage thousands of its elephant families, many of them refugees from decades of warfare, to trek north to their ancestral homelands in Angola.

Tens of thousands of elephants fled south during more than 40 years of conflict and now Botswana wants them to go home. An agreement is in place to remove fences and clear landmines in the hope that the elephants will migrate of their own accord.


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The Wistman

I just hope they'll be safe, during the journey back and afterward.    :unsure:

Lions Circle Trapped Baby Elephant UNTIL Another Elephant Family Shows Up


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It's kind of a bummer that more elephant sanctuaries are not in the USA.    I know there is a good one in Tennessee, but it is populated my "retired" elephants.   It'd be nice to have a breeding population.

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