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Fav youtube channels for mysteries?


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13 O'Clock Podcast

Jenny and Tom discuss true crime, the paranormal, movie reviews, and more.

Saturday is the main show with almost daily content. Also laugh at the digressions  (Sidetracks), and inebriations.

Jenny Ashford: Author, and all around goth.

Tom Ross: Retired Army, and all around goth. Has a cookbook coming out soon.



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Most are internet mysteries and stories, here's what I watch:

Nexpo - focuses on internet mysteries/investigations, horror stuff, urban legends, random scary videos/events.

Internet Historian - focuses on making documentaries on events on internet controversies.

ScareTheater - discusses various popular horror topics, from mysterious videos on the Internet to real-life urban legends.

ReignBot - about mysterious, strange and creepy subjects.

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2. Mr Nightmare

3. Top 15's

These channels discuss the paranormal. strange crime stories and a host of other unexplained mysteries. Some are also discussed in the form of stories.


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