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Malware planted on 20 million smartphones


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Chinese phones have got some bad press in recent years, and this looks set to continue after Gionee planted malware on millions of devices.

The company has now distanced itself from the guilty subdivision.

Gionee has been found guilty of planting malware on 21.75 million smartphones in order to generate more income.

The phone company was once the top mobile brand in China, but it has seen tougher years since the rise of the iPhone in the country.

It seems that Gionee looked to new revenue streams while facing declining popularity, and not all of them were legal.

Full story at UniLad UK: Link

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I've never trusted Chinese smartphone brands like huawei, one plus, xiaomi and samsung is the worst of them all even though it's korean.

That being said, I think Xiaomi smartphones have the best value for the price.

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