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NASA picks astronauts who will go to the Moon


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I read the original press release a week ago, and their bio's are amazing.

Outstanding group!!!

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Imagine how many conspiracy theories will appear on this site when the mission to the Moon is underway.



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Nice. As a Swede I'm happy that a Swedish citizen has been selected, Jessica Meir (who has both US and Swedish citizenship). Noticeable is also that Kjell Lindgren is a very Swedish name, both first and last name, apparently a decendant of Swedish immigrants.

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Here let me start this.... Well someones gotta get up there and put that damn flag on the moon before another country finds out it doesn't exist! Else they'll all know about Kubrick!

I should know I'm the silver surfer and i've done a few ride bys on the cosmic wave...


/transfers self to conspiracies section.

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