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Long-lost artefact from Great Pyramid found


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Wow. I find that actually pretty amazing. Thanks for the article.

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That's the third lost artefact to turn up this week...  And they're all older than expected - wow!  Someone wake Claddy - he'll want to add this latest find to his growing compendium of evidence:

  1. The pyramids are, like, amazing, and really really big.
  2. Hey, man - think about it.
  3. People, like, 4000 years ago could never have built something so awesome.
  4. So it must have been built, like, 10000 years ago.
  5. Like, some 'clever' people say they were tombs.  But hey! they're made from stones.  You need wood to make a coffin!
  6. So they must have been built for some other reason, capeesh? 
  7. And they look like they're pointing, like, at the stars, right?
  8. So why are they pointing to the stars, man?  What's the cosmic connection?
  9. Think about it!
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