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On January 6, Mike Pence Counts EC Votes

ian hacktorp

On January 6, Mike Pence Counts Electoral Votes.  

31 members have voted

  1. 1. Will he accept votes from contested states? Or will he throw them out?

    • Pence accepts contested Electoral College votes.
    • Pence rejects Electoral College votes from 7 contested states.

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6 minutes ago, the13bats said:

Well cruz has his eye on 2024 and this is a big risk for his carreer but it endears him with trumps base he would need that to get anywhere.

That's how I read it.  It's a point of difference for there brand with nothing really to lose.  An arms length relationship with Trump might be useful come 2024.

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1 hour ago, ian hacktorp said:

I'm hearing that PA decertified their election results...can anyone confirm?


(Or did you just say those words out loud so you could honestly say "I'm hearing that..."?)

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