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The Metaverse 3D world is coming


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We will see a shift in the way people play, work, learn or simply hang out in 2021.

Some of this connection will move into the Metaverse, a digital place where people seamlessly get together and interact in millions of 3D virtual experiences.

Early iterations of the Metaverse emerged in the 1980s with VPL Research’s DataSuit and Linden Lab’s Second Life in 2003.

However, it started to feel very real in 2020 as several platforms have been envisioning – and building – their own versions of the Metaverse.

Full article at Wired UK: Link

Metaverse: Wikipedia

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Oooh, I saw that episode of The Ghostwhisperer. Where Melinda gets sucked into the internet, and interacts with avatars from an online community. That was way back when I still watched tv. Funny how that became a reality. But then, look at how Star Trek affected our technological advancement.Online is the only way now. Not sure if I would try what you linked to, though. Not to mention the cost, and the potential distraction from our own reality. 

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Sounds like Ready Player One (Ernest Cline). Virtual reality headsets (like Oculus Rift) have been out for a while. Though I don't think most gamers care for numerous reasons.

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