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Man gets drunk from eating cake

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

A man has a rare condition that sees him get drunk from eating cake, as his body ferments carbohydrates and turns them into alcohol.

Nick Carson, 62, suffers from a disorder known as auto brewery syndrome (ABS), which means he can become blind drunk without touching a single drop of alcohol.

While it may sound pretty fun, the reality of ABS - where the body ferments carbs and turns them into alcohol in the stomach - can be very 'scary', as it could leave Nick three times over the legal driving limit within a matter of minutes.


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"Let there be cake... "


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I'll bet you don't want to be within 10 meters of this guy when he's farting.  That sounds like a really disgusting condition.

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I don't understand how his body can turn carbs into that much alcohol so fast. It takes beer days to ferment, the few hours the carbs sit in his gut doesn't seem like enough time.

Keto diet for him I guess, not a difficult fix.

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The trouble is that this can become an addiction. For example, unusually,  some people are addicted to cats. Take the Pope for instance, I've heard that he's a Cataholic :D

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