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Encyclopedia of the Smileys

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:) He is laughing, not very loud, but he is laughing

;) He isn't too serious, so don't be hard on him..

:D He can't choose, to laugh or not to laught, that's the question

;D He has so much fun!

>:( GRRR, he is really p***ed of.

:( He isn't happy, probably wile someone hit him.

:o He has seen something very special

8) Cool...

??? You have lost him... give him a map of the forum..

::) Don't you get it?

:P He has a strange disease, probably Claw an Foot disease

:-[ Hmm, not too confident ey..

:-X His lips are sealed..

:-/ Well, I don't like this situation...

:-* Oh, hunny, let's kiss...

:'( She wouldn't kiss with me..

image He doesn't likes you..

For the Female version, replace he with she.

Odin Supreme 8)

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