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Dead woman spends years proving she is alive


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Trying to prove you are alive is an absolute nightmare in a world of DEAD corporations.  I feel her pain


Then in 2016, an appeals court made the false assumption that she was dead, something that her disgruntled former employee also later confirmed, despite the fact that she was very much alive.

The courts always make the assumption you are DEAD legal fiction and wanting anyone to claim the DEAD legal fiction to claim liability.      


As a result, she was removed from the official records, which invalidated all her bank accounts, her driving license and any other documentation that proved her existence.

I have spent my life trying to work out how to do this.  wow!!  


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I know of someone who's birth certificate said male because apparently the doctor was really drunk (it was a long time ago when this was normal) and i guess she spent many years trying to prove that she was in fact female. I guess having kids wasnt enough. Stupid bureaucracy.

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