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Kilij Arslan I's grave found in SE Turkey

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Archaeologists from Dicle University have discovered the graves of Kilij Arslan I, the leader of the Seljuk Sultanate of Rūm who defeated some of the first Crusader armies to arrive in Turkey, and his daughter, in the Anatolian country’s Diyarbakir province.

As Daily Sabah reports, university scholars began searching for the graves through archival research.

They then created a commission to oversee fieldwork. After researching graveyards across Diyarbakir’s Silvan district, where they knew the grave must be, the researchers focused their efforts on two gravesites in Orta Çeşme Park.

The excavation work involved digging more than six feet underground across a 377-square-foot area. After nine days of work, the team successfully found the burials.

Full monty at the Smithsonian mag: Link

Daily Sabah report: Link

Kilij Arslan I: Wikipedia

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