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US considers 1,000's more troop to Iraq

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The Pentagon is considering sending thousands more troops to the Middle East as part of an effort to beef up air defense capabilities in the face of Iranian moves that include its recent transfer of short-range missiles into Iraq, CNN has learned from multiple defense officials.

The most realistic options include potentially sending 4,000 to 7,000 additional US troops to the region, the officials said.

The Iranian missiles could pose a threat to US forces in Iraq and potentially be moved to threaten Saudi Arabia as well, officials say. The need for additional air defenses could be met by combinations of ground-, air- and sea-based US forces.

The Pentagon officials said discussions underway now are focusing first on what additional military capabilities are needed to deter Iran and how long those assets and troops might be required.

Once those military capabilities are determined, that will determine how many troops are needed, officials say. No decisions have been made. They also say new deployments could start with an even lower number, somewhere in the range of 3,000 to 4,000 troops.




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Raptor Witness

Firstly, this is preBiden news, so what’s your point?

Why Is the United States still in the Middle East, anyway? A killer army of respiratory failure, up from the graves of Arlington? Oooops, wrong villain. It’s looks like all those dead soldiers are pizzed off about something. 

   On 2/18/2011 at 10:58 PM, Raptor Witness said: Source

.... Would it help if I spoke to the graves of all those who are buried at Arlington, cracking open the ground so that the stench could rise up to your nostrils?

Would you then ask, by what authority have you been given to do this, and say to all these dead, go back to your graves so that we may breathe?

If you can, leave the United States ... as if you were fleeing from a whirlwind of fire.

Ah yes, protecting the black blood of a fire breathing dragon, which has appeared in the sky. The Bible 101

Oh wait, we’re the number one producer of oil on Earth now, making U.S. enemy #1 to Mother.

Then never forget, by illegally making Iraq a weaker foe against Iran, the U.S. has to pay to play the role of step Father, which turns out, is, an uninvited roll, unless we pay the Iraqi’s bribes.

How’s that working out for ya?

What’s that ? Crank up the volume a little higher ?  Gladly ...


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Looks like the US military are picking up where they left off when Trump won in 2016 -  and going back into Syria in significant numbers - a separate thread will probably be needed soon about Syria but I'll put a video here and make a few comments - 

danger ahead

for the Middle East in general and Syria in particular and for world peace - when Trump was the Commander in Chief the US army was under under American control and working in the best interests of America but the US military is now back under Globalist Control and are being used for the Globalist Agenda - 

The Globalists want to redraw borders and redesign the Middle East - I actually think that the plan was (and still is now the Globalists are back in control of the US) to help create a Sunni lead Islamic State in the region - all those muslims who went to the region from all over the world to fight for an Islamic State didn't just all have the idea from nowhere... I think they were told behind the scenes that the US - aka the Globalists who were in control of the Military - were not going to stand in their way and this was going to be their dream of an Islamic State come true... but the US military under Globalist Control would topple Assad for them and force regime change - and the IS would organize and establish itself within the chaos of the power vacuum..

we will probably see another rise of ISIS / Islamic State in the region very soon - 

another thing is - and they touch on this at the end of the Duran video... there could be another migrant crisis like there was before when millions of displaced people try and get into Europe - this would also be something the Globalists would welcome..

Biden will not make any decisions - isn't capable of making decisions - he will just do as he's told and go along with what the Globalists want -




Biden begins Syria military build up. Region braces for "Assad Must Go" narrative


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so we'll be fighting Russia on Syrian soil, wonderful, :td: \

so are we gonna do it for our freedom, or bringing us democracy to the place that wants nothing to do with it?

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On 1/22/2021 at 11:47 AM, President-Elect Acidhead said:

Predictable move by the War Party

Iraq is not a war.  I'm willing to bet more Soldiers got killed stateside than in Iraq the past year.  We have bases in dozens of countries to support other missions.  

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On 1/22/2021 at 9:47 AM, President-Elect Acidhead said:

Predictable move by the War Party

Hey who was it who got us there in the first place? Who was it who invaded Iraq the first time? The fact is we're stuck dealing with the mess Bush I started and Bush II made even worse. Frankly I think we should just give Turkey a boost and let them take the whole ****in' area over again, they controlled things pretty well as the Ottoman Empire and the locals will respond better to having a caliph then having us running ****. 

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