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Captain Hamster escapes the Portal maze


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Valve's highly successful and acclaimed Portal, along with its sequel Portal 2, features a mysterious laboratory setting, which the player must navigate and escape armed with only their wits and a device that opens portals.

Beating the game is a challenge for most, but for a fluffy pet rodent called Captain Hamster it seemed like a snap -- and he didn't even have a portal gun.


3mins 18secs:


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haha - thanks for that I enjoyed watching it - it brought back memories when we had hamsters when my daughter was little - they are incredibly tough little buggars who get up to all kinds of things -  I won't even start on our hamster stories or I would be here all night -

one of them was white like the one in the video and called Sugar - oh just one story about Sugar - she used to crash around in her exercise ball - which would often break open then she would squeeze behind the gas fire and go up the old chimney for ages - at some point she would plop down and come out covered in black soot - or my daughter would put some food on the end of a stick and try and poke it up the chimney to tempt her down - heaven knows what sugar did for hours up the chimney - probably tried to climb to the top - they are like little Houdini s - always trying to escape - :D


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These hamster courses are a hug trend. You can look up tons of them all over the internet. 

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