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Shark & ray numbers fall by 70% in 50 years

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The number of sharks and rays living in the ocean has fallen by nearly three quarters in just 50 years, according to a new study.

The populations of these marine creatures have collectively tumbled by 71 per cent since 1970, as they are caught in huge numbers for their meat, fins, gill plates and liver oil – as well as accidentally by fishing boats seeking other species.

Between 1970 and 2018 there was an 18-fold increase in “relative fishing pressure” – a measure of the proportion of sharks and rays caught relative to their global population – the study found.

Full report at MSN: Link

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Earth’s shark and ray populations are facing a “staggering” decline, according to new research from Simon Fraser University.

The analysis, published Wednesday in the journal Nature and a part of the Global Shark Trends Project, found that global populations of sharks and rays have suffered a 71-per cent drop since 1970.


71%!  That is pretty scary

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