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Still Waters

Girl, four, finds dinosaur footprint on beach

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Still Waters

A well-preserved dinosaur footprint has been discovered by a four-year-old girl on a beach.

Lily Wilder spotted it at Bendricks Bay, Barry, in the Vale of Glamorgan - and scientists believe it could help establish how they walked.

The footprint, spotted in January, is 220 million years old and had been preserved in mud.

While it is impossible to tell what type left it, the print is 10cm long and likely from a 75cm tall dinosaur.

National Museum Wales palaeontology curator Cindy Howells described it as "the best specimen ever found on this beach".


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Still Waters

Dinosaurs: Fossil footprint found by four-year-old goes on show

It was so good, the 200 million-year-old imprint is now on display at the National Museum Cardiff.

Lily's mother said they were "thrilled" the find was going on show.


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