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The tyranny of passwords


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Modern life is the act of entering the third character of a long-dead family pet into an online form three times a week, getting it wrong, and speaking to a call-centre worker in India whose real name is almost certainly not Kenny, ad infinitum, until you die. Our ancestors lived short, brutish lives and died in childbirth, or were gored to death on the battlefield, but at least they didn’t have passwords, and that’s something.

The tyranny of passwords; it colonises modern life. These petty dictators deny us access to our bank accounts, our baby photos, our phone contracts, even our heating. They reproduce as endlessly as bacteria, and yet, like Tupperware lids, you can never find the one you need. They are our boyfriends, our girlfriends, our children, our pets. A talented and motivated adversary could probably work yours out in the time it has taken you to read this paragraph.

Full light-hearted article at the UK Guardian: Link

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And what really is the point of passwords?  Security?  Don't make me laugh!  I have so many passwords for this, that and the other not-particularly-private account that I have to write them down on a bit of paper that I keep in the house.  At one point I tried to create a system for creating passwords, one that would ensure that as long as I used the system consistently, I'd always be able to work out any password rather than remember it.  Didn't work.  The websites for which I need passwords  have different requirements and so creating a system became too difficult.  Passwords/security is a pain in the you-know-where.


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