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Witch kitsch and dark history in Germany

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To German witches—hexen—the Harz highlands of northern Germany is home, a mountain range steeped in pagan lore.

Here, Quedlinburg, a dazzling medieval town untouched by World War II, is a place of whimsical winding streets and more than a thousand fully preserved half-timbered homes.

The town has a rather feminist bent to its history, as women wielded great political influence here for over 800 years.

In 936, the widow of the Saxon king Heinrich I, named Matilde, founded a convent, and the abbess of that convent would continue to hold considerable power in the town and surrounding regions until Napoleon invaded in 1802.

Most descriptions of Quedlinburg in travel literature include the phrase “fairy tale,” and true to the Grimms’ classic German fairy tales—not their softened American versions—this UNESCO World Heritage Site has a dark side.

Full article at Atlas Obscura: Lnik

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Here in colonial Pennsylvania, we had many German settlers come from the late 1600's to the 1700's, my grandmother and great grandmother's families included. My heritage is mixed. My mother's family was French. My father's was English. But both grandmother and great grandmother on my mom's side were German. My grandmother could really tell the stories and spoke Pennsylvania Dutch.

Amish, Mennonites, Moravians, Lutherans....Famous for our Pennsylvania Dutch/Deutsche....they brought the legends of the hexen with them. Hex signs are still found all through the state. I have a distelfink magnet on my fridge. They are the birds of happiness. Mine is two birds like this one. Some are just one.

Double Bird Tulips- 15 inch Hex Sign

PA hex signs. Just a small explanation of them. You can google images and meanings.



Many local legends are from the German folklore. Here's the hexenkopf. I've been here many times and have known the legends all my life. The people who own the land just recently gave it to the county to preserve it.




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