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Scientists create spinach that can send email


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I used to text a grape, but I stopped when her pleasant responses suddenly turned into a wine.

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Maybe they should spend their time creating super plants. One's the can produce 100X the oxygen while cleaning the air of all toxins and ones that produce a food that contains all the nutrients we need as a species. You know, something actually useful. Don't get me wrong I get why, but why though?

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I'm Popeye the sailor man and I eats me spinach.


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Posted (IP: Staff) ·
On 2/3/2021 at 1:25 PM, UM-Bot said:

A recent experiment has produced spinach plants capable of sending information over a network.


In a way that's kind of scary. Not sure how I feel about eating nanobots, heh. It would be an incredible way to monitor plants individual needs. 

But in in a floral companion plant to be utilized as living sensors would be kind of neat. For example, I plant a lot of marigolds and zinnias around my veggie gardens. Those would be useful as monitor plants. Though I might not- the bees would then be eating nanobots and really not sure what that might do. 

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They say members of Congress send emails, so I'm sure a plant can do it.

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