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Possible new planet found at Alpha Centauri A


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I doubt that a planet would form around Alpha Centauri a, or remain in it long, if it did. Alpha Centauri a and b are quite close together. A planet trying to form around either star, would probably be  disrupted by the gravity of the other, or have its orbit affected to the point that it was thrown into its parent star, or out of the star system entirely. 

Then, too, the image in the article appears to be of an elongated object, not one like a planet, which would have enough gravity to pull itself into a sphere. 

The description of the supposed planet suggests that it could be similar in size to Neptune. This appears to be based on the brightness of the object. A small object, like a disrupted fragment of a planet, probably shouldn't be bright enough to pass for a twin of Neptune.

Perhaps this object is closer than supposed, and is merely along the line of sight from Earth to Alpha Centauri. That would be quite a coincidence, though. From here on, news of this object, and what is learned about it, will bear watching.   

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