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US Woke Culture a Threat to French Culture


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17 minutes ago, Helen of Annoy said:

Yes, I support censoring there where it is necessary. Or, in case of private companies and lives, almost unlimited censoring, according to preferences of the owner.

Anyone should be fired for saying or writing anything that is against the company policy. I mean, you'd force people to keep a blabbermouth employed? What are you, a socialist? They are supposed to be against firings no matter what. 


Also, if you're not stupid, you can say a lot in an appropriate manner. Those who are stupid should be taught to keep their mouth shut - like it used to be in those happy old times conservatives are so nostalgic about - and problem solved. 

Helen, listen. You support cancel culture. Which you're allowed to if you want. But I think you should probably admit it to yourself lol.

The actress tweet was not against company policy. That's not what is going on here.

Cancel culture is not a government mass censorship thing. It's people and private companies on a witch hunt. For thinking the wrong way. It's like how Brown shirts would get rid of people who do not think the right way and out the right people in positions. They did this with businesses, private, public. It's an incidous thing.

I believe it's the government's job to protect free speech and all the other bill of rights, yes.

No one should lose their job for sharing their honest thoughts. When it's neither hate speech or a call to violence.

That is not right.



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Just now, OverSword said:

But you are aware that the push is to ignore what you said about biology, right?  He is a man according to progressives not different than me or Sylvester Stallone.

I am aware and I am saying it is inaccurate and delusional.  No human male has given birth.  If they are going to get the surgery to be male, why did they keep their female anatomy.   Why not get a hysterectomy?  Because they are making decisions on whimsy instead of rationality.   "I feel" changes in the blink of an eye.

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Please be aware that the news and current affairs boards are provided as a casual platform for the discussion of mainstream news stories. Racially inflammatory topics, as well as politically inflammatory topics designed to stoke hate or a divisive left vs right mentality, are liable to be closed without warning.

Thread closed for moderator review.

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