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Realistic snowman mistaken for dead body

Still Waters

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Cops in the Netherlands breathed a sigh of relief earlier this week when a 'dead body' that they had discovered in a park turned out to be just a realistic-looking snowman. The amusing incident reportedly occurred in Amsterdam on Wednesday evening as a patrol car was passing through a large recreational area known as The Oosterpark. Much to the officers' surprise, they spotted what appeared to be a person laying on the ground and not moving at all.


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I remember one New Years I saw an Ice Sculpture festival. They were lit up with colorful lights and whoever detailed them must have been very talented... It would be neat to see a snow sculpture contest of the same kind but they would melt quicker :lol: maybe they could make a contest of that as well. Something along the lines of a raffle for whoever picks the last one to melt! 

Aside from that, maybe they meant it to look like it was doing snow angels. I see no fake blood or any makeshift signs of a crime scene... But then again, real life crime scenes are less like tv crime scenes. Still, a fake dagger through the head headband or something might have been good.

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realistic my A$$

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It could of real person, fell over drunk, then snow fell overnight a couple inches, then in the next day a kid decided to put a carrot. lol

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