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Amelia Earhart wreckage is the 'Real Deal'


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Nuclear scientists are going to solve the conundrum once and for all though by using neutrons to probe wreckage from the remote island of Nikumaroro, a coral atoll in the western Pacific Ocean.

A piece of fuselage was recovered from the island in 1991, amid speculation that Earhart had landed there back in 1937. However, it was damaged by decades of rolling around on the ocean floor, and researchers never had a way to confirm if it was from the aviator's plane.

Nuclear scientist Daniel Beck, though, will have the wreckage analysed by the Radiation Science & Engineering Center at Pennsylvania State University where he works.

Full story at Lad Bible: Link

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Probably little doubt this piece of wreckage is from Amelia's aircraft based on the size and rivet pattern of a panel that was installed on her aircraft known as Artifact 2-2-V-1. Only 28 other aircraft were known to have crashed in the Central South Pacific.

This link does a great job at explaining the forensics of this artifact. The Riddle of Artifact #2-2-V-1 (tighar.org)

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A lot of interest ion this case. Very mystifying 

I'd give an opinion and say they have solved it. Their evidences are very convincing.

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There was only 1 piece? no glass or nuts or bolts or cables? And another question, 157-337 is supposedly based on the position of the sun which was at a 67 degree true heading the morning of July 2 1937. What about the 67 degree compass heading which is 1.5 degrees north of Howland Island? The true heading from Lae to Howland is 78 degree true. Formula: sin(inverse)(517/2556), x = 11.67, 90 - 11.67 = 78.33 degree true. 2556 miles equals 2221 nautical miles, 9.49 degree east magnetic declination near Howland Island. formula: x = sin(inverse)(517/2221), x = 13.46, 90 - 13.46 = 76.54 degree true. 

A 78 degree true heading near Howland is 68.5 degree compass heading, a 76.54 degree true heading near Howland is 67.05 degree compass heading! there was a third person directly involved with the flight, Clarence Williams could have given them the wrong directions. They could have easily flew 2556 miles on a 76.54 degree true heading then turned right 90 degrees onto 157-337 looking for Howland or Baker Island! 

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